Cloud Hosting

The wonderful company I work for, Reclaim Hosting, is launching a new product called Reclaim Cloud later this month. Reclaim Cloud is a platform where your site is stored on multiple servers, which lets you pull resources from a variety of different places. This makes cloud hosting a very scalable, reliable, and flexible type of hosting, perfect for sites that experience hikes and dips in things like traffic. Cloud hosting is great for anyone who needs flexibility. Think of your plan like a pay-as-you-go mobile. You decide your own resource limits each month, and pay accordingly. If you have a big marketing campaign coming up, for example, cloud hosting allows you to prepare for a one-off busy month.

It’s definitely been a bit of a learning curve with the new platform. I’ve been mostly just installing simple environments to see how all the pieces fit together. Nothing too serious although others have been definitely doing more than kicking the tires. I’m definitely a little anxious about the prospect of support Reclaim Cloud but we have a great team who work together really well.

Tim and Jim our two co-owners have been very busy documenting the projects they’ve been working with. We also offer a Community Help Forum where others can share ideas on how to utilize the product. This will be a great help for a support resource.

I’m sure once we all delve deeper into the inner workings of Reclaim Cloud the pieces will eventually start falling into place and everything will become clearer. As with anything new, the journey is part of the fun to reach the destination.

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